CIEP support for youth petanque

The CIEPCentre International d’Enseignement Petangue— is the International Center for Teaching Petanque. Basically, it is the training arm of the FIPJP.

It offers training classes for young people, and classes for teaching people how to become petanque coaches.

Its products include materials to support a petanque course for young people. The materials include a free, downloadable pdf booklet that lays out 86 training exercises. The course uses a kit of training devices — plastic hoops and stands and so forth — and the kits are also for sale.

For more information about the CIEP and its youth petanque training materials, see the CIEP page on the All About Petanque web site.

Some CIEP Youth Training Materials


Junior Petanque in Australia

Around 2005 Australia experienced a wave of interest in petanque and the establishment of Junior Petanque programs. They even created an organization and a website devoted to Junior Petanque.

A useful resource on that website is a 30-page brochure called Promoting and Developing Junior Petanque: Guidelines for Volunteers. It covers a lot of areas, including insuring volunteers, privacy issues involved with photographing children, and much more. It can be downloaded HERE or our archived copy is HERE.