A petanque field trip in California

A great way to expose kids to petanque. A school field trip with the Lamorinda Petanque Club in California. (More photos are available at the club’s Smugmug web page.)



EducNaute-Infos – French youth petanque web site

petanqueducnaute_young_boulisteHere is a neat French web site devoted to youth petanque. It is called Educnaute-InfosLe site des jeunes et des éducateurs “The website for youth and educators”.

You can read it via an English translation generated by Google Translate.



The web site was orignally named “PetanquEducNaute” and at one time we reported that it was affiliated with the FFPJP, the French national petanque federation. That was incorrect. See the comment by its president, Bernard Duprat.

CIEP support for youth petanque

The CIEPCentre International d’Enseignement Petangue— is the International Center for Teaching Petanque. Basically, it is the training arm of the FIPJP.

It offers training classes for young people, and classes for teaching people how to become petanque coaches.

Its products include materials to support a petanque course for young people. The materials include a free, downloadable pdf booklet that lays out 86 training exercises. The course uses a kit of training devices — plastic hoops and stands and so forth — and the kits are also for sale.

For more information about the CIEP and its youth petanque training materials, see the CIEP page on the All About Petanque web site.

Some CIEP Youth Training Materials


Junior Petanque in Australia

As we in the USA look for models for Youth Petanque programs elsewhere, we might be able to look to Australia as well as to France. That would be nice, because there are no translation issues. Well, fewer translation issues. 🙂

Australia, especially Western Australia (WA) experienced a vigorous boom in interest in petanque after about 2005. One product of that boom, apparently, was the establishment of “Junior Petanque” programs.

Here is a link to the web page for a Western Australia (WA) Junior Petanque program Down the left side of the page there are a number of links for various Junior Petanque-related pages.COVER_PromotingAndDevelopingJuniorPetanque_WesternAustralia

  • The ALTERNATIVE SPORT and HIGHLIGHTS (gallery) links have neat pictures.
  • The RESOURCES page may be the most interesting for those interested in Youth Petanque in the USA. One of the resources is a 30-page pdf document whose filename is Promoting and developing Junior Petanque.pdf — the document name is Promoting and Developing Junior Petanque: Guidelines for Volunteers. “The primary goal of this booklet is to show how you, as a Volunteer, can introduce and support the development of junior players.” It covers a lot of areas, including such things as insuring volunteers (while they are acting in the capacity of volunteers in the program), privacy issues and the photographing of children, and much more.
  • Contact information is available on the Contact page.

Here are a couple of other photos from the site.

And here is a link to a short YouTube video (that I copied from the site).